Yvonne Dennison-Moruakgomo: Ambition & Compassion

Congratulations Yvonne Dennison-Moruakgomo!  

XANGO South Africa's Newest 200K

Yvonne’s ambition and compassion extends to the way she leads her XANGO team. “I just enjoy the company of these people. I’ve created family with XANGO." 

Part of the success, of course, is the quality of the XANGO opportunity, and Yvonne loves sharing the financial freedom that it represents.

And that approach is obviously working. The Botswana market isn’t even officially open yet (that’s next on Yvonne’s dream board), but her business is exploding. “It’s word of mouth. Someone comes across XANGO and tells another person and within no time you have ten people coming to your house to find out about this miracle fruit, this miracle juice. With that, the growth is just overwhelming. It grows village by village, like wildfire. It’s so amazing.”

Yvonne is for her team what her team is for all of XANGO Botswana: a forerunner, a motivator, a builder.

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