Sungjin Ju & Jinhee Cha Are Going Places

Congratulations Sungjin Ju & Jinhee Cha!  

XANGO South Korea 200K

Sungjin Ju & Jinhee Cha signed up as soon as they heard about XANGO. ”We started working with XANGO because of the company’s soundness, products and compensation plan. My only goal was making a lot of money,” remembers Sungjin Ju. 

But Sungjin Ju’s dreams started to grow larger immediately after he got involved in networking. “When I heard my partner’s success story, I was extremely impressed because his motivation was not money but a strong desire to help his partners achieve their goals.”

“As time passes, we have realized that this business can help so many ordinary people make their dreams come true,” says Jinhee Cha. “Now we are working hard with a sense of duty. Our motivating words can change the lives of many people and help them lead successful lives.”

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XANGO GO Mag 2.0 (장고 코리아)