South Korean, Kumjoo Park's Approach to Leadership

Congratulations Kumjoo Park! 

XANGO South Korea 100K 

When people meet Kumjoo Park she makes a strong first impression. That is, a person is immediately impressed with the strength she radiates, though she’s hardly the type to come off as brash. One can sense a powerful juxtaposition of qualities in her — confidence and modesty, resoluteness and compassion, leadership and scholarship.

“I am a gentle, reserved person,” she says, while also talking about her childhood dream of becoming the first female general in the military. “Even in small groups, I have been a leader all my life. I am a person of strong will. I didn’t grow up to command a military but I am leading a group of people in XANGO Korea.”

And how does Kumjoo lead? Her approach to XANGO mirrors her approach to life, with three key characteristics defining it. 

Read all about Kumjoo Park and her three key characteristics to leadership in the latest GO MAG 2.0.  

XANGO GO Mag 2.0 (English)

XANGO GO Mag 2.0 (장고 코리아