Rob Glen: Belief in Action

Congratulations Rob Glen!  XANGO 100K

The rock-solid determination is there, but what about the day-to-day? How does Rob translate his belief into practice, and his practice into success? Hard work and good listening. He makes contact with at least three people per day — usually more — and lets them tell him how XANGO can help.

“I listen to whoever it is I’m talking to rather than just throwing cards or samples at them. If you let people speak, nine times out of ten you’re going to get a chance to tell them what you do, and in between all their talk you’re going to hear how you can help them.”

“Every day I wake up and I love what I do. As a company, XANGO has given me so much more in life. Freedom, health and — most importantly — I have so many friends in my business that I call family.”

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